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We create actionable intelligence from big media data, making your advocacy more data driven and thereby more responsive to the populations you serve.

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Making a difference is not new to our founders. Our founders worked with leaders at the American Automobile Association to discover how Pokemon GO players were driving dangerously. Leading to the restriction of some game features at driving speeds.

Our founders discovered how American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout’s message to encourage cessation first spread on news media, was then shared on social media, and how it motivated the public to seek out cessation resources online and by phone. Ultimately outlining how the Great American Smokeout could be made better.

Our founders first reported on how Charlie Sheen’s HIV status disclosure impacted public help seeking and testing regarding HIV and HIV risk behaviors. Reporting on this finding led to a second bump in HIV testing eclipsing the impact of traditional awareness days.

Stay informed

with our cutting-edge media monitoring

Good Analytics has transformed media monitoring by developing bespoke strategies to discover, describe, and deliver actionable news trends to numerous organizations. In real-time we scan more than 100,000 news sources in 23 languages to assess (including every news link on Twitter) to help you stay current on what’s changing around you. We’ve been making these insights available to tobacco control experts across the globe via Tobacco Watcher.

Discover your population

by mining social media with our one-of-a-kind tools

Social media provide a pathway to understand your population unlike ever before, both answering questions you have and discovering new insights you never anticipated. For instance, our investigators partnered with leading experts in driving safety, including the American Automobile Association, to discover how augmented reality game players were driving while playing from social media posts. Ultimately these findings led the Niantic, the maker of the popular Pokemon Go game, to make many feature of their game inaccessible at driving speeds.

Ask your population

by using our open-eneded and low-cost survey platform

Surveys have been made more accessible by online vendors like Google Surveys, but a significant barrier remains: Who designs the survey and are you asking the right questions? Good Analytics is changing how surveys are designed and analyzed by removing the guesswork from what questions should be asked…

Big data with big impacts Requires a unique set of expertise

Mark Dredze


Chief Scientific Adviser

Pioneered new computational methods for public health and social media

Glen Coppersmith


Chief Technical Adviser

Developer of new computational insights into online behavior

Work by our researchers has been widely covered by the media.

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